• Michelle Hebert

Four of Georgia’s colleges to merge

The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents voted to merge four of Georgia’s public universities, and the final approval happened earlier this month: Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University will merge together, and Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and Bainbridge State College will merge together. The final approval to merge the colleges happened after about a year of preparation work, according to WCTV News.

The vote to merge Armstrong State and Georgia Southern was held on Jan. 11, 2017; the colleges will unify next year and take the name of Georgia Southern University, multiple sources reported. According to Georgia Southern’s website, Jaimie L. Hebert will be the leader and president of the university.

Abraham Baldwin and Bainbridge State voted to unify on the same day and will use the name Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, multiple sources reported. According to Bainbridge State’s website, the college’s president and leader will be David Bridges.

"The University System of Georgia is committed to serving the southeast and South Georgia regions of our state, and we view these consolidations as long-term investments. The new Georgia Southern University and the new Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College are well positioned to increase college attainment levels in these areas of the state,” Steve Wrigley, the system’s Chancellor stated.