• Damien Lane

Five new U.S. Navy ships

The U.S. navy's ships today are more advanced than ever before, and our military is finding new ways to defend our coastline and American interests around the world. Some of these new ships are larger, with more powerful, big guns, while others are smaller, faster, and less detectable today than other ships from the past 50 years.

5. Juliet Marine Ghost Stealth Boat is a truly one-of-a-kind American stealth watercraft designed to provide swift movement in the sea. Launching in 2015, this is the first ship that is virtually undetectable by radar. At only 60 feet long, this is not a battleship by any means. Its size offers the advantage of very quick movement, and it also has the ability to attack at high speeds. At a price $10 million, these vessels provide great value for their cost. In addition, this tiny ship has the ability to carry up to 16 soldiers for rapid deployment at any time. The keys to the design are wings which conform to the water around the boat, appearing almost invisible to the naked eye.

4.The USS Zumwalt is a force to be reckoned with, and it also has an intimidating look. It looks like a sword at sea. It is a 600-foot destroyer with two twin 155mm cannons and 2.57mm Mk 110 guns to defend against any aerial attacks. Over 140 Navy personnel can occupy the ship, with additional room for the aerial combat team. It’s the first in a class of its own name and is intended to be the most advanced destroyer in the U.S. On radar, it appears to be the size of a small fishing boat, despite it being twice the length of a football field.

3. USNS Spearhead was designed for one purpose in mind: to transport entire units of the military as fast as possible. The vessel's maximum speed is up to 50 mph, and it reaches this speed by having a shallow draft of less than 15 feet deep. The ship needs to stay in calm waters in order to achieve these speeds, but it was mainly intended to be operated closer to the shoreline. This is pretty impressive considering that the Spearhead has over 20,000 square feet of empty cargo room and includes a ramp that can support up to 100 tons at a time. From the exterior, a sprawling flight deck can easily be seen which can house up to two helicopters. Most of its passenger space is reserved for non-crew members, and it features fully reclinable chairs and televisions; the crew gets access to amenities such as private toilet stalls and air conditioning.

2. The HSwMS Visby is considered to be a warship just above a patrol craft and below the heavier-hitting destroyer. The Swedes designed anything but your typical corvette in the HSwMS Visby, with a first-of-it’s-kind stealth abilities. While not completely invisible to the naked eye or radar, it does make it much harder to identify, which can often cause it to be mistaken for a smaller ship. The ship is 239 feet long and can go up to 46 mph on smooth water and 40 mph on rough water. HSwMS Visby has Anti-submarine ASW 127mm rocket-powered grenade launchers built on and (MCM) Mine countermeasures for the vessel. The HSwMS Visby is a great scout for the navy to take out waiting submarines or to find hidden mines.

1.USS Arlington (LPD-24) is an amphibious boat that helps bring land vehicles across open areas of water. The boat is 683 feet long with a massive storage compartment in the belly of the ship. The ship's storage space can hold up to two LCACs (giant air boats) or 14 Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles. The ship can reach speeds as high as 25 mph in rough or calm water. The ship also has an air vehicle landing pad for helicopters to be able to land and take on passengers or equipment without needing the ship to dock at shore.