• Lexi Ponder

Hospital loses license after mistakenly declaring newborn dead

The license of a private New Delhi hospital has been cancelled after falsely pronouncing the death of a newborn baby. The baby boy was born on Nov. 30, 2017, at Super Specialty Hospital in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi. He was pronounced dead two hours after birth, according to the baby's grandfather, Praveen Malik, who spoke to CNN.

The baby boy's mother gave birth to twins, but the girl was pronounced stillborn. Two hours later, on the way to the cremation ground, the family noticed "some movements" from inside one of the polythene bags that held the babies' bodies. They then found that the baby boy was still alive and breathing. According to CNN, "The newborn was then moved to the Delhi New Born Center, but unfortunately passed away on Wednesday morning."

The doctor treating the baby boy was Dr. Sandeep Gupta, who said the newborn died due to multiple organ dysfunction and not being able to keep his vitals up. He might have survived if he had "not been exposed for so many hours after his birth." This was especially relevant since he was 22-weeks premature.

Malik told CNN how devastated the family was by the news and said their final demand would be justice from the government and the world. On Friday, December 8, the Delhi government cancelled the hospital's license.

According to Delhi's health minister, Satyendar Jain, during a press conference on Friday, "Delhi is India's capital and as the capital, we have to be exemplary. What happened in this case is unacceptable." This cancellation also applies to the Max Hospital in Delhi's Shalimar Bagh, which happens to be only one branch of the private healthcare chain called Max Healthcare.

The current patients of the hospital will be given the opportunity to transfer to other facilities and continue their treatments; however, the hospital won't accept new patients. Max Healthcare also responded to the cancellation, saying it was too harsh and that they were not given the opportunity to be heard.

Max Healthcare has since fired two doctors who are considered to be responsible for the incident but made sure to clearly state that it was not done due to feelings of guilt.