• Tatum Williams

Fashion Update: Current Christmas crazes

As the time flies by, the fashion industries and highly influential fashion and make-up figures seem to become increasingly bold with their ideas. This Christmas, images and articles are continuously popping up every where, filled with people expressing their Christmas spirit through unusual make-up, hair, and fashion. Below I've given two of these bizarre ideas and ways these people have expressed their Christmas spirit.

The first Christmas trend of 2017 I am going to share with you is "Christmas Tree Eyebrows." Re-creating this look involves plenty of patience, eyebrow gel, and sparkles. These brows follow in a long line of different eyebrow trends, including the braided brow and the feathered brow. Don't fret or worry because the ideas aren't stopping here.

The stars have spoken, and they have said yes to velveteen suits. The velvet trend has been in for a while now, and, of course, we have to continue to wear this soft and cozy fabric into the cold temperatures of winter. Famous women such as Cindy Kimberly, Cate Blanchett, and Zendaya have been clad in this style before, setting an example for other stars should follow.

The last idea I wanted to share is the Christmas tree braid. This hair style is a cute and creative way to show your joy for the holiday. You can create this adorable work of art with a multitude of different supplies normally used to decorate your Christmas tree. Even though this image shows a ribbon strung into her hair, that is not necessary because their are many ways to re-create the little tree.

Here is a YouTube clip with step-by-step instructions to create your very own Christmas tree braid!