• Zachery Bernabe

Classic consoles making a comeback

Here at the Red & Black, we have done a lot of tech reviews and previews of new games, like the latest "Call of Duty" games, as well as new consoles, like the Xbox One S and Nintendo Switch, but for this article we are talking about the classics.

Nintendo has released a line of consoles called the "Classics." The "Classics" have around 30 pre-installed games already on the consoles. All the consoles are mini editions of the originals and are so small they fit into your hand. The first to be released was the NES Classic Edition; the Super Nintendo Classic was released later.

The NES Classic costs only $60 and fits in your hand, giving it the nickname of "mini edition." The system was released in November 2016, uses the original controller design, and comes pre-installed with 30 of the original NES games, including "Super Mario Bros," "The Legend of Zelda," "Donkey Kong," and "PAC-MAN."

The Super Nintendo Classic was released September 29, 2017, and costs around $80. It also uses the original controllers, but with the Super Nintendo, they added in an extra controller with a longer cord, as well as the first unlock-able game, "StarFox 2." The system also comes pre-installed with 30 of the original Super Nintendo games, such as "Super Mario World," "Punch Out," and "Super Metroid."

As interest in retro gaming has grown in recent years, some companies have begun producing handheld consoles which allow players to use original cartridges from systems like the NES, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64. Hyperkin's SupaBoyS, for example, allows the player to play the original Super Nintendo cartridges on a mobile platform. We had a chance to try one out at the Red and Black, and we found that the games run smoothly, and the sound is great, but the cartridges fit a little too snugly and can be tough to remove. At a price of around $100, however, it's a great investment if you have any Super Nintendo cartridges laying around.