• Michelle Hebert

Google releases list of the top searches for 2017

This week, after Apple released its list of most downloaded apps, Google released the list of top searches overall and in different categories. According to Daily Mail, “Google’s 2017 trend lists are based on search terms that had a high spike in traffic in 2017 as compared to 2016.”

Hurricane Irma was the most popular search for the United States and globally in 2017, multiple sources reported. The global and U.S. lists had some similarities besides Hurricane Irma: Matt Lauer, Tom Petty, and fidget spinner.

The top 10 searches in the U.S. also included the Super Bowl, Las Vegas shooting, Mayweather vs McGregor Fight, solar eclipse, Hurricane Harvey, and Aaron Hernandez. Top 10 global searches included a greater number of different categories: iPhone 8, iPhone X, Meghan Markle, 13 Reasons Why, Chester Bennington, and India National Cricket Team.

Along with the top searches globally and in the U.S., Google released its top searched lists of other things. Some included most searched news, people, actors, consumer technology, movies, songs, artists, television shows, how to, and memes.

“Google hopes the information will offer a unique perspective on the year's major moments and top trends around the world,” the Daily Mail reported.

The full lists of the top searches can be found here: