• Monty Alexander

EA stock plummets due to fan outrage over 'Battlefront 2'

More than $3.1 billion of stock has been lost from the video game developing company "Electronic Arts," or "EA." This is due to outrage from many consumers who purchased a copy of their game "Star Wars: Battlefront 2."

Customers were not pleased to discover that EA had added loot boxes, which are a form of micro transactions that give some players an in-game advantage over many other players who do not purchase them. If players do not buy these loot boxes, then it takes hours upon hours to unlock everything in the game.

"Battlefront 2's" character progression system is a major problem here, too; before an update that changed it, the amount of in-game credits to unlock heroes and different characters was in the tens of thousands, which would take many hours to earn. Their business tactic of these loot boxes has earned EA's game the title of a "Star Wars themed casino."

Cosmetic modifications would be a more popular means of bringing in revenue in terms of user support, but there are just too many complications with it, such as keeping the game on the same path as the movies. Wacky cosmetics certainly won't be seen in the movies.

In an update, these loot boxes were removed, but the damage has already been done to Electronic Art's stock.