• Allison McMillian

CHS implements MAKER Matrix, Bucks

Cairo High is planning to add the MAKER Matrix into next year's handbook, and it is already currently being implemented by the teachers of our school. The PBIS team also wants to place the Matrix on the back of next year's student ID cards.

As displayed in classrooms and around the school, "M" stands for being a "model" student, "A" stands for "attendance," "K" stands for being "knowledgeable," "E" stands for "exhibiting excellence," and "R" stands for "respect and responsibility."

Principal Lokey originally came up with the "MAKER" acronym to show how to be a successful student and Syrupmaker. According to members of the PBIS team, many schools in Georgia use PBIS, and they felt we had the most "unique" mascot name. So, why not use it to their advantage?

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies, and the team's goal is not just to enforce behavior expectations, but to teach, model, and encourage students to show positive behavior. The teams also want to encourage those who are attempting those behaviors as well re-teach those who haven't learned them yet.

The PBIS team is planning to start a reward system for the Matrix. They are called "Maker Bucks." To receive a Maker Buck, a student must be seen modeling the Matrix. Maker Bucks will be used to determine the PBIS student of the week, as well as the new PBIS student of the month; students can use their Bucks to be entered into these drawings, and winners, along with the the teachers who give out the winning Bucks, will win the weekly and monthly prizes. Whether those prizes will continue to be Mr. Chick gift certificates has not yet been decided.

Teachers can also incorporate the Bucks as classroom prizes, and students can use them to buy things from the new school store, which will be located in Ms. Bentley's room on the fourth wing.

The PBIS team wanted to let the students know that they have a lot of exciting things planned for this upcoming semester!