• Zachery Bernabe

Army defeats Navy for 2nd year in a row

On Saturday Dec. 9, 2017, the annual Army/Navy football game was held at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Army won the game 14-13, starting a new two-year winning streak after Navy's 14-year win streak was broken last year. Army is now also the owner of the Commander-In-Chief's trophy for the first time since 1996, according to the NCAA.

The Army's West Point Black Knights and the Navy's Naval Academy Midshipmen have been rivals dating back to 1890, making it one of the longest and best college footballs rivalries. SB Nation even called it the best rivalry, "because it's historic and petty and exceedingly polite." The schools often "troll" each other leading up to the games by stealing each other's mascots.

Every year, the two teams have a spirit contest, which includes making a video to increase the teams' moral; this year's Navy's video "HELM YEA" lost to the Army's spirit video, in which the school stole Navy's mascot, Billy the Goat.

What's it feel like to lose this rivalry game? “It’s like your puppy dying,” West Point class of 2014 grad Danny Little said, according to SB Nation.

It snowed all the way through the game, and at one point, the TV crew had to outline the Black Knights in order for viewers to see where the players were. There were lots of other great moments during the game: during the second quarter, Navy's quarterback, Malcolm Perry, made a 68-yard touchdown, and during the last seconds of the game, Navy"s kicker missed the field goal, allowing Army to win the game.