• Michelle Hebert

Apple releases list of most downloaded apps

This week, Apple released the list of the most downloaded iOS apps on the App Store. The number one most downloaded app is Bitmoji: a free custom emoji app. The list includes 20 of the most downloaded apps on the App Store.

Snapchat is the number two most downloaded app, and the app helped Bitmoji get to number one, multiple sources reported. Bitmoji’s have been integrated into some of Snapchat’s main features, which has helped the app to grow so much. Snapchat users have to download the Bitmoji app to create their personal Bitmoji.

The third most downloaded app is YouTube. In the list, the fourth, fifth, and sixth most downloaded apps are social media apps: Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook. Messenger is an app that was created to be a separate app for Facebook’s messaging services, so seeing Messenger being downloaded more than Facebook is similar to Bitmoji being downloaded more than Snapchat.

The remaining apps on the list include Google Maps, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, Gmail, Pandora Music, Amazon, WhatsApp, Wish, Twitter, SoundCloud, Google Chrome, Waze, and Lyft. Apple did not say how many times the apps were downloaded, ABC Action News reported.

The top spots for paid apps went to Facetune, Tabs and Chords (a guitar-learning app), and scheduling app HotSchedules, Mashable reported.

Out of all the gaming apps, Nintendo’s Super Mario Run took the top spot. According to Mashable, Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up took the number one spot for the third year in a row among paid apps.