• Allison McMillian

Female hunter receives death threats and now is an inspiration

Nikki Tate is a hunting advocate and an inspiration among female hunting enthusiasts. She has recently felt overwhelmed since an article about her love for hunting ducks and deer went viral, according to Fox News.

“It’s been crazy,” Tate told Fox News. “Both positive and negative, but mostly positive.”

Tate, who is a 27-year-old lawyer from Dallas, Tex., who has been receiving death threats through her Instagram. Tate said the death threats weren't that shocking.

“People have strong opinions and hunting is a trigger for a lot of people,” Tate said.

“I know other female hunters who have received those kinds of comments, and once I started getting a larger audience [on Instagram], random negative comments would start to trickle in,” she added. “Around 10K followers I would start getting private messages, really nasty and threatening comments.”

Even though she has received many horrible comments, they do not outrank the support she gets from the hunting community. After the Fox News article, her Instagram gained 2,000 followers.

“People have messaged me on Instagram saying I am a role model and inspiration, and thanking me for supporting conservation,” she said.

“People who don’t agree with me have messaged me and asked me questions about hunting and why I do it. We have had very intellectual conversations — it’s been so rewarding for me.”