• Damien Lane

Homeless epidemic in California leads to fires, spreading of disease

A fire broke out in a storm drain in the suburban Southern California neighborhood of Spring Valley on Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017. Homeless people had been seen living in the storm drains there days before the fire broke out, and officials believe they were the cause of the fire.

Homelessness has been on the rise in the area in recent months due to people losing jobs and homes. This caused some to shelter in the storm drains, where they had been starting small fires in order to stay warm. Police had been called to the area to investigate the small fire in trash cans.

The fire in the storm drain was wild, and firemen were worried that the fire would reach the community homes. The storm drain was filled with trash and littered with items the homeless used to lie on and sleep, which only became more fuel for the fire.

The homeless population has grown so much that an outbreak of hepatitis A. has occurred, due to homeless defecating on streets, causing it to spread to other cities. California went into a state of emergency last month in order to deal with the spreading of the disease.