• Zachery Bernabe

Google sued for UK privacy breach

On Nov. 29, 2017, Google was sued by a group in the United Kingdom called Google You Owe Us for illegally obtaining personal data from over five million users of Apple iPhones, according to Bloomberg.

The group said Google's Alphabet Inc."unlawfully collected people’s personal information by bypassing the iPhone’s default privacy settings."

Richard Lloyd, who's leading the case, says he wants to send a strong message to all the "tech giants in silicon Valley." The group says 5.4 million customers could receive hundreds of (British) pounds if the case is successful.

Since the first release of the smart phone, privacy has been a major discussion among users of popular devices such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. In early 2015, Apple first allowed users to install content blockers and ad blockers on its devices, according to Bloomberg.

The group suing Google said in a statement, "Google used an algorithm to trick iPhones into releasing personal data from the Safari browser in 2011 and 2012." Lloyd said Thursday that Google’s actions were “quite simply against the law.”

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