• Damien Lane

10 teen gift ideas for the holidays

10. Lightning to USB Charging Cable & Keychain:

This gift would be perfect for the person in your family whose phone is always dying. The key chain and charger combo is $20 on Amazon.

9. InstaBox i90 Wooden Digital Multi-Functional Speaker with Bluetooth FM Radio Alarm Clock:

It’s a Bluetooth clock radio with an old-school look to it. The radio is $44.99 on Amazon.

8. Gift Cards:

These are gifts for those in your family you don’t know as well. You can buy the card for as little or as much you want the person to receive from you.

7. The Apple Wireless AirPods:

This is a great gift for those who love music on the go, including teens who love to listen to music without anyone knowing. The earbuds are $44.99 at Walmart, but prices vary elsewhere.

6. Messless Mixing Mug:

This one is great for chocolate milk lovers, especially you love chocolate milk and not making messes. The mug sells for only $17.95 and is a great, cheap gift for anyone who loves chocolate milk.

5. Fidget Cube:

This is a toy that can help relieve anxiety and stress, or it can be something just to play with to have fun. The stress-relieving cube is $9.99 at Walmart and other close stores in your area.

4.Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich Bath Bomb:

For around $20, this is something for those who love bath bombs and rainbows.

3. Flamingo Lamp:

At a price of $50, this is a funny gift for anyone who loves lamps. It could go in your room to add some color and character.

2. Pandora Pink Sparkling Strand:

For the one whom you love dearly, this nice gift is $50 at Pandora.

1. Tiny Arcade:

These are great for a gamer or anyone who enjoys collecting or playing old-fashioned arcade games. It could also be a conversation starter in your room. On these tiny arcade machine, you can actually play PacMan and other retro video games. The Tiny Arcade is $20 at Walmart.