• Allison McMillian

10 best toys this season for kids

We are not far from Christmas, and people are wondering what the best gifts for children are this year. These toys are fun, but some double as a teaching tool, according to CNN.

1. Fingerling

Fingerlings are little toy monkeys that cling to your finger and hang by their tails. They apparently react to sound, motion, and touch through sensors on top of their heads. If you blow a kiss, they will make a smooch right back at you.

They are manufactured by WowWee, and they offer six different colors. Each Fingerling comes with its own unique name. Walmart has its own exclusive baby sloth fingerling named Kingsley. The approximate price of a Fingerling is $15.

2. Sphero Mini

The Sphero Mini is about the same size as a ping pong ball. People can use their facial features to make the sphere ball move, such as frowning, smiling, and head tilting. Smiling moves the sphere away from you, and tilting makes it move left or right. The toy works alongside an app where users can play games. Its sell price is $50.

3. Moonlite

Moonlite uses your phone to become a storybook projector. The light on your phone shines through small pictures and projects them onto your ceiling or wall. Using an app, parents can read classic stories to their children while the children follow along with the pictures. The toy costs $25, with five story reels; for additional ones, it will cost $8 per wheel.

4. Hatchimals Surprise

Hatchimals Surprise is a self hatching egg that has been a phenomenon for two years now among children. This past year, Hatchimals gave children something else to look forward to: the twins. They could be identical or fraternal, and their personalities change the older they get. They dance, sing, and say, "I love you." It costs roughly $70.

5. L.O.L Surprise! Big Suprise Doll

The L.O.L Surprise is a spherical, plastic purse containing 50 small surprise dolls. It is limited edition and is currently sold out online at Toys r' Us, but they suggest checking local stores for availability. Online, it costs $80.

6. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a mobile game console which was launched in March of this year. It is a hand-held device that connects to controllers on each side, but the tablet itself can plug into the TV. Then, if you unplug it, it will turn directly back to mobile. The switch is said to cost $300, but I have seen it sell for less in stores.

7. Tiny Arcades

Tiny arcades contain classic games. Each one has its special game. The featured games include Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaxian, and Space Invaders. Each fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and would be an awesome collector's item. It's a perfect stocking gift.

8. Playskool Star Wars Galactic Heroes BB-8 Adventure Base

This BB-8 opens up into an adventure base. It plays sounds and also shows lights if a certain button is pressed. Each section of the toy contains different things to do with figurines. It is said to cost $80.

9. LEGO Boost

Anyone can build the five different versions of this Lego robot. The five different versions are Vernis the Robot, Frankie the Cat, Guitar 4000, M.T.R.4. (a truck), and Auto-builder, an animated production line. Not only is this fun, it also teaches you at the same time. It can be animated through coding as well. It starts at $160.

10. Anki Cozmo

This tiny robot reacts and plays games. It will keep a child entertained for hours while teaching them coding. He learns the more you interact with him. It connects to your phone. It costs $180.