• David Smith

11-year-old Hamilton student arrested for bringing pellet gun to school

On Nov. 27, 2017, an 11-year old boy was arrested for bringing a pellet gun to a Florida Elementary school. The school the boy attends is Hamilton County Elementary. The student did not threaten or hurt anyone.

The parents didn’t know that their child brought the gun to school and were very upset that their child would do something like this. According to WCTV, “they’re upset they’re just hearing about it now.” One parent stated, “People are outraged. Parents are outraged. I’m outraged.”

The school’s code of conduct strictly prohibits the use of guns at the school. Samantha Elliot, a parent of two kids at the school, said, “Whether it be paintball gun, pellet gun, or regular gun it doesn't matter.”

According to Valdosta Today, the student carried the pellet gun to school and showed it to other students. The students told a teacher, and then the school contacted the school’s resource officer. The authorities were later involved and the student was arrested.

Many parents of students who attended the school were angry that they didn’t get this information until later. Many parents picked their children up after hearing about this, and some began to rant on social media.

According to WCTV, “the student has been suspended until the school board decides on a course of action.” The student has also been charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds. The student has been charged as a juvenile.