• Cierra Bynum

Redskins left tackle out with knee injury

The Washington Redskins star left tackle, Trent Williams, has missed three of the past games due to a knee injury that will require surgery.

"I haven't really had to deal with anything like this in my career. Usually I just fight through something for a couple weeks and eventually it'll heal. But this one is a little different. I'm taking it week by week," Williams told USA Today.

Williams didn't practice on Nov. 27, 2017, and he wasn't able to play against the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 30, 2017. He even had to sit out of the previous game against the New York Giants, according to USA Today.

"That was a major part of it with the short week, without a doubt. He lays it all on the line on Sunday afternoon, and for him to come back on a short week with no practice and play on a Thursday is very difficult for him. Hopefully with a couple days extra rest, he will be able to play against Dallas, but we will see," Head-coach Jay Gurden told USA Today.

Williams is the not the only Redskins player to get injured this season: Redskins left guard Shawn Lauvao was put on the injured list due to a stinger (injury to the nerves of the neck and shoulder that cause a burning or stinging feeling).

When USA Today asked him about Lauvao injury, Williams commented, "You kind of know. Especially when you got nerve damage: That's scary because you never know when that can come back. That's a touchy situation, as well. Spence having problems with both of his quad tendons. The writing was on the wall. We kind of knew that those guys were going to have a tough time trying to finish through the season."

Lauvoa's replacement is six-foot-eight back up tackle Ty Nsekhe. When USA Today asked Willliams about Lauvoa's replacement, he commented, "I was so pleased to see Ty move in at guard. I can't remember a time in my career where I looked down and the left guard is towering over me, the center is an inch taller than me. I'm basically the shortest guy on the line."

Coach Gurden is "hoping" his star left tackle will be able to play soon. "He's banged up right now and he's fighting through this season, so hopefully we will be able to use him. But it is all on Trent and the trainers," Gurden told USA Today.