• Michelle Hebert

Social media boosts Tallahassee tourism

Tourism in Tallahassee has boosted a significant amount in the past eight years, and a hash tag is one reason. Tallahassee Visit reported that the growth of tourism has included the number of visitors, rooms sold, and jobs within the industry.

The hash tag “IHeartTally” was created by Visit Tallahassee to help tourists and residents share and discover unique parts of the city, according to WCTV News. Visit Tallahassee’s Director Kerry Post stated, “every time a resident shares a post of something they are doing around the city using #iHeartTally, they are truly benefiting all of us.”

To use the hash tag, all a person has to do is write a post and upload a photo with it, upload a picture, or just post something about Tallahassee; finally, the person has to type the hash tag out. The method is not a strenuous activity for people to complete.

WCTV News reported, “Danny Aller, nicknamed the Tallahassee Twitter Mayor by friends and family, is living proof of how the campaign can work.” Aller is known for posting photos of different things in Tallahassee, and his friends come to him for things do to. "If you know the secret to living and doing Tallahassee right, don't keep it to yourself, share it with people,” Aller told WCTV News.

The hash tag mobile campaign was recognized for being one of the finest in Florida, and it won a Silver “Flagler Award” for outstanding tourism marketing, Visit Tallahassee reported.