• Cierra Bynum

Bills replace starting quarterback with rookie

The Buffalo Bills, who are 5-4 this season, have replaced starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor with rookie Nathan Peterman.

Bills coach Sean McDermott said he made these changes to improve the team.

McDermott made this shocking announcement on Nov. 15, 2017 when the team was coming to practice to prepare for the game against the Los Angeles Chargers. This change was put in place because of the huge 47-10 loss against the New Orleans Saints on Nov.12, 2017.

"This is about becoming a better team. We are 5-4, I understand that.It is always and will be for the time that I'm here about becoming the best team we can possibly become. We are made for more than 5-4, and I've come here to be more than 5-4," McDermott told USA Today.

Taylor has overseen the offense since 2015, which is ranked number 28 in the NFL in yards and ranked number 30 in passing yards.

Taylor has an 28-18 record since taking over as the Bills starter in 2015. Even though he is a dynamic runner, he is inconsistent as a passer, according to USA Today.

When asked how he felt about being replaced by a rookie, Taylor replied that he was "Obviously disappointed." He said, "I don't agree with the decision, but ultimately coach McDermott has a vision for this team, what he feels is best for the team as well as the owner and GM. I have to move forward and continue to be a teammate and a leader that I am in a different role," according to USA Today.

Peterman was selected in the fifth round of this year's draft. In college, Peterman played two seasons for the University of Tennessee; he then transferred and became a two-year starter for the University of Pittsburgh.

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