• Zachery Bernabe

American woman sets new 100-mile world record

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, 35-year-old Camille Herron from Oklahoma City, Okla., set a new world record and finished her first 100-mile ultra marathon, Tunnel Hill.

Finishing with a time of 12:42:39, Herron outran all the male runners and set a new 100-mile women's world record, taking off a full hour from the original record of 13:45:49 set by Gina Slaby. Herron announced her plans to run Tunnel Hill about two weeks ago on her social media. Trail races that are certified courses by the USA Track & Field are extremely hard to find.

Being able to hold nearly a 7:38 minute pace requires the best gear and fuel. Being sponsored by Nike gave Herron access to the new, not-yet-released "Zoom Vaporfly 4%," the same shoe used by Eliud Kipchoge to break a two-hour marathon, according to Runners World. Herron also ate two energy gels every hour and used sports drinks through out the race, but during the last 20 miles, she decided to switch it up and drink a beer and a half to "settle my gut" in a statement she made.

Herron ran two other races previously this year but was unable to finish them due to injuries along the way. In a statement, Herron said, "I've really wanted to get redemption pretty much all year."

This race is not the first record for Herron: she also holds the record for fastest marathon dressed as a superhero.