• Monty Alexander and Chandler Allen

YouTubers feeling the burn of 'AdPocalypse'

Since February 2017, there has been a 70 percent drop in profit for posters to YouTube for the advertisements that run at the beginning of every video. This "AdPocalypse" has particularly affected the largest content creators, such as famous YouTuber H3H3, who has 5 million subscribers and was making up to 24 thousand dollars a video before the ordeal. Now users like himself are making less per video, although some continue to earn a profit.

Some of this is due to controversy that follows YouTube's largest content creator, Pewdiepie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, and who has around 57 million subscribers at the time this article is being written. Kjellberg gained gained infamy after making a satirical video containing material that was labeled as anti-semetic back in February of 2017. As the largest YouTuber on the platform, averaging around three million views per video, according to Socialblade, Kjellberg has advertisements run on his videos from many different companies, but many have pulled their ads from the website entirely in protest of the anti-semetic content.

This has not affected Kjellberg as much as it has affected many smaller-tier YouTubers who have decided to make this content creation their full time jobs. These creators have had to turn to other sources as main means of revenue, such as Patreon (crowdfunding), merchandise, or by quitting YouTube entirely to pursue other careers.