• Zachery Bernabe

French man jailed for terrorist-inspired running attire

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017, a French man named Chakib Limane,

34, was convicted and received six months of jail for charges related to his running attire.

Limane entered a sporting goods store in Caen and requested a custom FC Barcelona soccer jersey with the name of Osama bin Laden on the back. A concerned security guard, who also noticed his ankle monitor, notified authorities.

When local police and counter terrorism teams searched his house, found a closet full of football shirts with multiple Taliban leaders on the front and back.

Limane claimed these jerseys were "just for fun" and that he wore these jerseys while jogging around town just to create "a little provocation." His lawyer also insisted he was no terrorist or a terrorist in the making, according to Runners World.

"We must distinguish between provocation and immaturity and glorifying terrorism. All he has done is wear a top," his lawyer told the court.

While searching his home, police also found photos and documents of Bin Laden and a "jihadist video." This evidence was the largest reason Limane received his jail sentence.