• Michelle Hebert

iPhone users experiencing odd autocorrect issues

iPhone users who have the iOS software update 11.1 are complaining about the lower case “i” being corrected to be an “A” and a question mark symbol. Every Apple device is not affected by the issue, Daily Mail reported.

iPhone users have expressed a range of emotions about the issue on different social media platforms. The issue affects iMessage and other social media platforms: Twitter and Instagram. "WHY does my #iphone keep changing the letter "i" to I ?! HELP," a Twitter user tweeted. Scrolling through Twitter and seeing the question mark and the “a” can be very confusing.

People who have the recent update can do things to prevent the issue until the newest update comes out to fix it. Apple has not officially updated the software to fix the problem, but they have posted a suggestion as to how to fix the issue. To fix the problem, users have three main steps to complete: go to settings, general, keyboard, and then text replacement; next, click the plus sign button; and finally, for phrase, type an upper-case "I," and for shortcut, type a lower-case "I,” Apple reported.

The recent update’s issue is common, but the update has also caused conversation about battery life. According to Forbes, people some using social media have complained; others have praised the update for battery life. The complaints from users have pushed Apple to complete the iOS 11.2 update, which will hopefully fix the issues, Forbes reported.

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