• Cierra Bynum

Colorado woman wins NYC Marathon

On Nov. 6, 2017, 36-year-old Shalane Flanagan from Boulder, Colo., became the first American woman to win the New York Marathon in 40 years. Flanagan won the marathon with a time of 2:26:53.

Flanagan took home the victory among female racers; 24-year-old Geoffrey Kipsang Kamworor, who finished with a time of 2:10:53, finished first in the men's category.

This is Flanagan's first time racing this year after a left hip injury in January last year.

“I had no physical limitations today. I felt good… It was a pretty flawless race for me,” Flanagan told USA Today.

Flanagan covered the first half of the race in 1:16:18 in a 13-woman pack, but Flanagan, Mary Keitany, and Mamitu Daska broke away with a time of 5:26 between mile 20 and 21. She covered mile 23 in 5:11 and mile 24 in 5:04.

After Flanagan won the race, the first thing she thought about was her role model, Meb Keflezighi.

“He’s been the absolutely the best role model for all of us. He was a part of healing Boston after the bombings in 2014, and that’s my hometown. His performance meant the world to me. I wanted to make him proud today. Today, I just thought: be like Meb as much as you can,” Flanagan told USA Today.

A week before the race, Flanagan hinted heavily that this would be her last race ever if she were to win. After the race, she said, “I’ll sit with my coach tonight. I think we’ll have some decisions to make,” according to USA Today.

Flanagan holds the American record times in the 3000 meter, 5000 meter, and 15K road races.