• Chandler Allen

UGA opens at no. 1 in first 2017 College Football Playoff rankings

On Oct. 31, 2017, the first College Football Playoff rankings for 2017 were released, and to the surprise of some, the Georgia Bulldogs were ranked at number one, while Alabama was ranked at number two, Notre Dame at number three, and Clemson at number four.

This season has been a blowout year for the University of Georgia, with their record of nine wins and zero losses under the supervision of second-year head coach, Kirby Smart. Their undefeated record is a large improvement over last year’s season, which resulted in eight wins and five losses and disappointment for many Georgia fans. If Kirby keeps the undefeated title, he'll be able to do something Mark Richt was never able to accomplish; however, Richt is currently holding an undefeated title in the ACC conference with the Miami Hurricanes.

Alabama is coming off a season in which they almost clinched another national championship but ultimately lost to Clemson in the final game 35-31. Over much debate, the committee decided to put Alabama at the number two spot for the playoff position for now. The season has been an undefeated one for the Tide, and their record stands at nine wins and zero losses under head coach Nick Saban.

Playoff ranking number three goes to Notre Dame, along with their eight and one record. After their one narrow loss to Georgia on October 29, the team has been undefeated and has faced and beaten tough teams like NC State, Michigan State, and Southern Cal. This has been a huge comeback season, considering the team's four-win and eight-loss record for the 2016 season.

The fourth spot goes to the University of Clemson. The team has gone eight and one this year with a loss to unranked Syracuse on October 13.