• David Smith

Man attempts to steal $4500 worth of jeans from Tallahassee Dillard's

On Oct.31, 2017, Cameron Eustace, 45, was accused of stealing over $4,500 worth of jeans in Tallahassee, Fla. The Leon County Sheriff's Office said, "Eustace left the Dillard's department store in the Governor's Square Mall without paying for 28 pairs of jeans, totaling $4,560," according to WCTV.

Eustace was able to run but only for a short period before he realized he couldn't leave. Mall security and a deputy, who was working off-duty, confronted him outside. At that time, he realized his car was blocked in by the mall security and deputy. Later, more deputies arrived at the mall and arrested Eustace, who dropped the stolen jeans at that time.

According to WCTV, "Deputies say Eustace then began to have a medical incident and was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital." Eustace was taken to the Leon County Detention Faculty after being released from Medical Personnel.

Eustace now faces "one count each of grand theft, resisting arrest, giving false identification and property damage," according to the Tallahassee Democrat, which added that he had a "history of thefts and dealing in stolen property." Eustace says he stole the jeans to pay off drug debts.

According to WCTV, police say Eustace is also a suspect in several other criminal investigations.