• Michelle Hebert

School buses are starting to be equipped with Wi-Fi

The Richmond County School system in Augusta, Ga., is piloting a Wi-Fi school bus program. Wi-Fi buses were created to close the digital divide in the school system. Richmond County School System's director of communications, Kaden Jacob, stated, "Our goal is to offer all students in Richmond County equal access to broadband that is required for students to meet academic rigor and obtain 21st-century skills.”

In 2016, the school system introduced two Wi-Fi buses, and during the summer, the school buses were parked at two community centers daily for students to be able to utilize them, CNN reported. The school system is analyzing how the school buses are affecting grades.

Technology is helping many people with their education; however, some people do not have the access to Internet to research and other school work. Students may need Internet to complete homework assignments, essays, and more, but not every student has access to be able to do so. Equipping school buses with Wi-Fi can help students who ride the bus and face that problem.

Keith Krueger, CEO of Consortium for School Networking, a nonprofit professional association for education technology leaders, believes that the issue is important and needs to be addressed all over the world. Krueger believes that solutions like the Wi-Fi school buses will help end the divide, according to CNN.