• Monty Alexander

North Korean test tunnel collapses, kills 200

At least 200 people have died in a North Korean tunnel collapse, according to Fox News. The tunnel was a test center where the North Korean military tested nukes. Last month, after the country's sixth biggest nuclear test, the tunnel collapsed. At least 100 people were crushed in the initial collapse, and 100 more were feared to be dead. The tunnel was undergoing construction around September 10.

Tokyo had estimated that the size of the weapon tested before the tunnel collapse was 10 times larger than the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, according to Fox News.

The test triggered a 6.3 magnitude earthquake with multiple tremors from the area since then. A nearby mountain has been affected by the earthquake and the tests, showing cracking and straining from the tests and its effects. In an analysis, it was said that the test center should not be expected to be abandoned.

It was announced that the 200 workers had died due to the test site accident. Damage to the test site has been happening during the months they have tested bombs and warheads. When the North Koreans tested their first H-bomb in September, it caused major damage to the facility. The Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Geology and Geophysics warned that if the facility collapses, nuclear fallout could cover "an entire hemisphere," according to Express. If the test site collapses, nuclear fallout could spread all throughout Asia.