• Monty Alexander

Nintendo reveals 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' for mobile

Nintendo has revealed its new game in the mobile gaming industry: "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" is to be released some time in late November 2017 on IOS and Android. This has been the company's first game reveal for mobile devices since February, when it released "Fire Emblem: Heroes," which became much more popular than "Super Mario Run" due to its free to play style instead of having to pay to access parts of the game.

Nintendo revealed the game in a 13-minute and 45-second video, along with many key features to the game. Core elements and features in the game include interacting with the many characters in the game to earn items and materials. You may use those items and materials to customize your own campground.

One feature in the game is the bonding with the many animal characters there are in the game. You do quests for them by getting specific requested items, and they reward you with materials; every time you do so, their happiness meter increases, which unlocks rewards as you level that happiness meter up.

There are a lot of customization features in the game, from your furniture to your clothes. You can either craft or use the in-game currency to purchase items like these.

The game does have micro-transactions, which can be used to speed up the process of crafting and to purchase special items in game.