• Lexi Ponder

US, Japan, and S. Korea warn North Korea to avoid ‘provocations’

Tensions have been rising for months on the Korean Peninsula, where the capital, Pyongyang, has gone quiet. Since the beginning of this year, North Korea has launched 22 missiles and tested a hydrogen bomb, while at the same time threatening to fire missiles over the U.S. region of Guam and conducting an atmospheric nuclear test, according to CNN. Senior defense officials from the U.S., South Korea, and Japan have warned North Korea to walk away from the “destructive and reckless path” of weapons development it’s began, according to CNBC.

The actual statement made on Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017, read, “Together they called upon North Korea to refrain from irresponsible provocations that aggravate regional tensions, and to walk away from its destructive and reckless path of development.”

According to CNN, “Some experts have warned against the deployment of stealth jets to the region, saying they risk provoking a North Korean first strike on their airbases, as that is the only way Pyongyang could combat warplanes it isn’t able track in the air.” The “vague threats and sporadic military provocations” show us that Kim Jong Un will not be easily frightened or intimated to give up his nuclear arsenal.

However, a senior fellow at the Federation of America Scientists, Adam Mount, said that the recent U.S. actions could be based on the thought that raising the risk of war could force China or North Korea to surrender to Washington’s demands, putting aside recent history.

Mount included that “if the Trump administration can cease its careless threats, the US and its allies could begin a real conversation about whether new deployments of unambiguously defensive military forces are needed to deter North Korea.”