• Allison McMillian

Syrupmaker Homecoming Week 2017: Days 1-2

As homecoming week started on Monday, Oct. 30, 2017, we started with the theme "Dress for Success" and a ceremony for Homecoming Court. Yesterday morning, I took a photo of some of the outfits I saw on campus. In the photo to the left, I present Damien Lane and Tatum Williams, who are also members of the Red and Black staff.

At the ceremony, students who received nominations for Homecoming Court were allowed to walk up the red carpet to receive their gifts with an escort.

On Tuesday, students had to dress as a character from the Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, or Harry Potter film series. I caught outfits from dramatic to subtle. Tatum Williams and Damien Lane decided they were going to dress appropriately for the occasion. Tatum decided to come today as the Marvel character The Punisher, and Damien dressed as undercover Superman. They are seen in the photo to the bottom right. In the photo to the bottom left, moving from left to right are Claire Phillips, Callie Lauder, Claley Harrell, and Barrett Howell dressed subtly with a touch of Super-girl.

This is just the beginning of a fun-filled week. The rest of this week's days are "Way Back Wednesday," "Animated Movie" Thursday, and sports-themed movies/"Red and Black" Friday.