• Allison McMIllian

7 disgusting places in your kitchen that are overlooked

The kitchen has hiding places for germs to grow which can easily be overlooked. On average, the kitchen is dirtier than a bathroom. However, I have some tips I have retrieved from Fox News on these places which you should be focusing on.

1. Sinks. Imagine everything that goes into your sink everyday. Raw meats, dishes, and leftover food make the sink a breeding ground for bacteria. Wash down your sink with hot, soapy water.

2. Sponges. You wash everything with your sponge. It contains leftover food juices and water, which allows bacteria to grow inside it. To clean your sponge, microwave it on high for one minute.

3. Hand towels. Everyone who cooks has made this mistake more than once. We tend to wipe our hands on our hand towels after handling foods that are unprepared. You need to change your towel out at least once a week, but more than once if you use it a lot. You can use a teaspoon of bleach to kill the bacteria.

4. Knobs and handles. The kitchen contains a number of handles and knobs that everyone touches. Use white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to kill off the bacteria.

5. Salt and pepper shakers. These are handled by everyone, and when was the last time you have wiped them down?

6. Refrigerator handles. Even when cooking, we touch our refrigerator handles. Imagine all the nasty build up of bacteria that could be on there from over time. Wipe them down daily.

7. Cutting boards. Cutting boards contain little slits from knives being used on them over time. Over that time, you probably have cut meat and vegetables on it. All the juices have gathered together in those slits. Clean thoroughly with half a lemon sprinkled with salt; then, disinfect with a cleaner.