• Michelle Hebert

Canada bans the meal replacement shake Soylent

The meal replacement shake Soylent was banned from Canada on Oct. 24, 2017. The shake comes in a bottle that has powder and water mixed to become the meal replacement. Soylent will not be available to purchase in Canada or to order online for delivery in Canada.

The shake does not meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s requirements to be sold in Canada as a meal replacement. Rob Rhineheart, the founder and CEO of Soylent-maker Rosa Foods, stated, "although we feel strongly that these requirements do not reflect the current understanding of human nutritional needs, we respect the CFIA's regulations and will fully comply with any regulatory action they deem appropriate,” CNN reported.

Soylent is advertised as an easy meal replacement, which was engineered to contain four key nutrients: protein, carbs, lipids and micronutrients. Soylent’s website is very boastful about how each of its products "contains a complete blend of everything the body needs to thrive." When Soylent was first released, nutritionists were very skeptical about the meal replacement promise made by the company. The company claims that the shake’s 400 calories make up 20 percent of your daily nutrients, according to BBC.

Soylent was invented in 2013 by Rhinehart. He created Soylent to solve Silicon Valley entrepreneurs’ problems of not having time to eat and not having money to invest in healthy meals. Soylent grew 300 percent from 2015 to 2016 from the exact problem that the entrepreneurs’ faced in their own lives: getting proper nutrition on busy time schedules.