• Chandler Allen

Portugal ravaged by deadly fires

In Portugal, fires raged through the country on Sunday and Monday, October 15-16, 2017, taking the lives of 36 people. Winds from Hurricane Ophelia helped keep the fires alive, according to the BBC. Prime Minister Antonio Costa placed the nation under a state of emergency, and many people are still missing.

The fire was powerful enough to cross the border into Spain, where a burned automobile was found containing bodies. Officials blamed Spanish arsonists. All areas north of the river Tagus had to be evacuated on Sunday.

The flames could have been much worse if rain had not come to dampen the areas affected. According to Prime Minister Antonio Costa, this is the worst wildfire in the area since 2006. The severity of the inferno was able to be seen from the lower United Kingdom. Dusts from the Sahara, together with the flames, turned the sky red. The Guardian described its appearance as “post-apocalyptic.”