• David Smith

Movie Preview: 'Incredibles 2'

“Incredibles 2” is an upcoming film that is being released on June 7, 2018. The movie is based on Bob Parr, or "Mr. Incredible," having to stay home with his toddler son Jack-Jack while his wife, Helen Parr, or "Mrs. Incredible"/"Elastigirl," has to save the world.

The director and writer of this film is Brad Bird, who is mainly known for animated and action-packed live films. He has directed films such as “Tomorrowland," “Ratatouille,” and “Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol.”

There are many well-known actors in this film, and Samuel L. Jackson is one of them. He plays as Frozone; in the film he is able to freeze anything to extremely cold temperatures. Jackson also appears in many different genres of movies, including action-packed and animated films. Another known actor is John Ratzenburger; he is mainly known for his voice acting in many animated movies.

According to the film's Wikipedia page, “It is the direct sequel to The Incredibles, which was released in 2004. It is in production by Pixar Animation Studios, and will be released by Walt Disney Pictures.”

The film will be available in 3D and its original format. The film is rated PG for its cartoon violence.