Amputee helps others find hope, confidence

At age 17, Mona Patel got into an accident when a drunk driver drove towards her while she was walking to one of her classes at Cal Poly University. She got her leg stuck between the driver’s car and a metal railing when she got hit. Patel lost part of her leg and has had more than 21 surgeries after the accident.

Patel later got her bachelors and two master degrees and became a social worker. She later started a program called the San Antonio Amputee Foundation, which increases hope for amputees and help them build up their confidence in life. According to CNN , the group offers peer support, education, recreation opportunities , and helps assist financial and modification needs. Every month, 30 to 60 amputees get together to share their life stories and how they have built up their strength.

Patel also leads health and fitness programs and gives amputees opportunities to do physical activities. In 2015, Patel led many amputees on a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Since starting these programs, Patel has realized how she can make a difference with a situation that many others go through. As Patel knows, there are going to be struggles, but she helped guide many others in their problems of being amputees and has seen many accomplish great things.