• Michelle Hebert

‘Weinstein Effect’ encourages women to speak up

Harvey Weinstein is a well-known American film producer, but his character has come into question with recent news reports and allegations. Weinstein’s name is in the news because females have spoken out about how he sexually harassed and/or assaulted them. Three different cities currently have open police investigations about the accusations by the females, CNN reported.

The “Weinstein Effect” is the movement against sexual harassment in the fashion industry, politics, and other fields, according to CNN. The females speaking up against Weinstein have helped start the movement; Weinstein’s scandal has helped other females tell their stories, and it has also helped the movement grow. "Harvey is not the whole story. There are many Harveys, with varying amounts of influence, at every level in this industry," Maureen Ryan wrote in Variety.

A common idea between Weinstein’s victims and other victims coming forward with allegations about other individuals is they all want sexual misconduct to be history, CNN reported. "Everybody has a story, and so I think this is a watershed moment," Oprah Winfrey said on CBS earlier this week.

During the first seven days of Weinstein’s scandal, Weinstein repeatedly said that he hoped Hollywood would give him a second chance. After he said that, he stayed silent for a whole week. After the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the open investigation against Weinstein, it looks less likely that he will receive that chance.