• Tatum Williams

Teeth-whitening hacks

From my time of social interaction, I've noticed plenty of people try to hide their teeth or not smiling a full smile. I decided to ask a few people why, and all said that they were ashamed because they didn't think their teeth were white enough.

I've personally had this same problem, which brought my self-esteem down tremendously. However, recently I've been using some at-home methods, and they've whitened my teeth immensely.

One of these teeth whitening hacks is brushing with baking soda, which you can combine with lemon juice or white vinegar to enhance the outcome.

Another hack is an increasingly popular charcoal toothpaste or powder, which you can find at any drug store or Walmart. I've used this recently, and I could see the difference after just one use.

The final hack is taken from homeremedyhacks.com: "Take a spoon of coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 5 minutes. Spit it and rinse with water. You may also pour a few drops on the toothbrush and simply brush. Or else, add some coconut oil on a clean washcloth and rub it all over your mouth. The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil will do wonders for your gums."

I have used each of these methods and can tell you that they work. While the charcoal toothpaste whitened my teeth immediately, I have continued using the coconut oil rinse and have found that it has helped with my sensitive gums.