• Damien Lane

'Rainbow Six Siege' DLC Preview

"Rainbow Six Siege" will be releasing an update to "Nerf" most guns in the game. The guns that will have the recoil increased in different ways for each gun.

The guns will have different recoils, and the recoil will be based on what type of round the gun shoots, as well as the gun itself. If the gun has a high rate of fire with a low caliber, it will it will be easier to control and stay on your target.

The guns in this range will be the small SMG and PDW for their higher rate of fire and low caliber setups. The main people with these guns are mainly the defenders, but there are two people with high rate of fire and low caliber.

The two operators are Twitch and Jackal, with Twitch’s FAMAS G2 AR rifle with a 32 round magazine and amazing 950 rounds per minute. Jackal’s PDW9 50 round magazine has 800 rounds per minute.

With Rainbow changing how much the guns recoil, some people are upset. Others are okay with the changing of the guns and even say that they needed to be changed.