• Monty Alexander

Leopard caught in Indian car factory

On Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, a leopard was found in an Indian Suzuki car manufacturing factory. The animal was caught after almost 36 hours after being sighted. It was first spotted on Thursday morning in the engine department of the factory, which is the largest Suzuki car factory in India.

It was tranquilized by rescuers during a large search in the Suzuki factory in Manesar town, which is near the Indian capital of Deli.

After the leopard was spotted, the night shift workers evacuated and closed down the factory until the leopard was caught. When workers arrived for the morning shift, they had to stand outside while authorities searched the factory for the loose animal.

The rescue team tried using various methods to remove the leopard; raw meat was eventually what lured it out. Some people even tried throwing firecrackers to scare away the leopard.

The leopard has been taken to a hospital for medical examination and will be released into the wild once it is deemed ready.

With animal habitats decreasing in size, many animals from leopards to elephants have been seen in residential districts in India. This has caused many incidents in past years similar to the Suzuki factory incident.

There are 12,000 to 14,000 leopards that currently live in the country, and on average, one is killed every day, according to BBC.

The picture above is the leopard after it was tranquilized.

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