• Monty Alexander

Halloween decorations causing controversy

What's the holiday season without some controversy, right? Last month in Tennessee, a Halloween decoration caused panic when neighbors saw it. The decoration was of a man crushed by a garage door, and to neighbors and passersby it looked realistic.

Another Halloween decoration that caused controversy involved a couple of hanging bodies. One neighbor described it as "Totally disgusting, and scary, and way out of control for the age limit of the kids on the street." Police were notified, but they said that it would have to be something more graphic or would have to have profanity on it to be illegal. The owner, who had worked hard on the decorations, goes all out for Halloween every year.

There have been a lot of decorations like this all across the country causing problems very similar to these one.

If these decorations and others like them disturb you or scare children, you could try talking to the owners to see if they will make it appeal more to children. You could also try to make a compromise. The graphic scenes that scare people could be discussed. Many of the graphic and unpleasant decorations are usually made by people who work really hard on them and appreciate their work.