• Michelle Hebert

Wisconsin's annual Shrekfest

Grant Duffrin and his friends were eager to take a trip to Madison, WI. for Shrekfest, a festival centered around the Shrek movie series, but one week before the festival, a supposed sponsor told them the festival was a hoax. The hearts’ of Duffrin and his friends were crushed the event was not real along with thousands of others, so they started a real one.

Duffrin called the Madison Park Department pretending to be from 3GI Industries, a name Duffrin and his friends have for themselves, and he asked to throw a festival at one of the parks, according to Business Insider. The department helped with the process of setting the festival up in a small park they had.

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, the same day the hoax event was planned for, Shrekfest was held for the first time in Madison, the Business Insider reported. 3GI Industries did not have enough time to obtain a permit to sell things, so everything was free: the tickets, the merchandise, and the screening at the end of the festival. Donations were accepted to help with the cost of everything.

Duffrin and his friends have continued with the Shrekfest every year since 2014, and every year the festival has gotten bigger. According to Business Insider, the first year had a budget of $800 with 50 people, and in 2017, the budget has grown to $5,500 with 300 people and even earned a profit.

People from the United Kingdom and Canada have flown in for the festival, which technically makes it an international event for people of all ages.