• David Smith

'Madea's Boo 2': Movie Preview

“Boo 2! A Medea Halloween” is a film being released on Oct. 20, 2017. It is a sequel to the last film, "Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Medea Halloween." The movie is based on Medea and her family going to a haunted campground.

The director of this film is Tyler Perry; he also is the producer and writer. He plays the many roles in this film, such as the grandfather and the other aunt in the family. Another actor in the film is Diamond White, who plays the character Tiffany. She is known for appearing in other films such as the previous "Medea Boo" movie; she's also a voice actor in the "Phineas and Ferb" movie, released in 2011.

According to the film's Wikipedia page, “It is the tenth film in the Medea series, the sequel to Boo! A Medea Halloween (2016).” The distributor of the film is Lionsgate, a popular enterprise that distributes many different types of movies.

“Tyler Perry hopes that “Boo 2” will bring laughter to the nation’s darkness,” According to Variety.com

The film will be available in IMAX 3D and in its original format. According to IMDb, “It is rated PG-13 for sexual references, drug content, language and some horror images."