• Damien Lane

Video Game Preview: 'Battlefield 1' DLC

"Battlefield 1" has released the most extensive battlefield expansion DLC since the game's release on Oct. 21, 2016. The game has taken off since day one of its release, mainly because of the "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" game. The game "Infinite Warfare" had a bad fallout, which made "Battlefield 1" skyrocket. The game sold amazingly for a long time and made $3.46 million the first week it came out.

The name of the new expansion is "IN THE NAME OF TSAR DLC." The DLC was released on September 19 for all players to try. The DLC is $15 if you don’t own the Premium Pass. However, if you get the Premium Pass, which is $49.99 for all platforms, you get everything "Battlefield" releases early and for free. The DLC has six new maps coming out: TSARITSYN, VOLGA RIVER, LUPKOW PASS, ALBION, GALICIA, and BRUSILOV KEEP.

The Russian army will be also coming into the war, bringing 11 of their weapons to the game. There will also be a new vehicle rolling in with the new army, called the Putilov-Garford Heavy Armored Car. The armored car was made in 1918 by the Russian army to help ground forces push the front line. The car has heavy firepower to the front and to the back. There will be a new stationary weapon called the coastal gun; the coastal gun was made in 1914 and became one of the biggest guns in the United States at the time.

The gun's main purpose was to sink enemy ships, but the gun in the game will be aiming for ground troops and small armored boats. All the new guns, tanks, and the stationary weapon are different ways to play the game. The new maps also give very different environment to play on. The new weapons and vehicle are making pushing a little more different than without the heavy vehicle. They also provide new ways to clear the trenches of your opponents.