• Tatum Williams

Iceberg to reveal unknown ecosystem

An Antarctic iceberg called the A-68 has been floating away from the Larsen C ice shelf towards the Weddell Sea. The A-68 will eventually reveal around 2,240 square miles of sea floor estimated to be around 120,000 years old. The area is currently being monitored via satellite.

The iceberg first broke away from the main ice shelf on July 12, 2017, giving scientists another newly-exposed underwater ecosystem to explore and study. According to Science Daily, "The largest remaining ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula lost 10% of its area when an iceberg four times the size of London broke free earlier this month," referring to A-68.

Around 11 smaller icebergs have broke off from A-68; the biggest is above 13 kilometers long. According to Live Science, "Scientific knowledge of the ecosystems below Antarctic ice shelves is mainly limited to the results of two German expeditions to the Larsen A and Larsen B areas, located north of Larsen C on the Antarctic Peninsula, where sections of the ice shelf broke away in 1995 and 2002."