• Zachery Bernabe

Sports Product Review: JayBird headphones

JayBirds are a brand of headphones made and designed for athletes. Judd Armstrong, a former Australian athlete, started the company in 2006. Logitech purchased the Salt Lake City, Utah-based company for $50 million in 2016.

The company has had some great products, including the X2, and X3, which were voted best headphones of 2015 and 2016, respectively. With perfect sound and a great fit, the headphones are unstoppable. They're made to be sweat-proof and to fit perfectly in your ears. They also have an eight-hour battery life, perfect for any sport, including running, biking, mountain climbing, and surfing.

As a runner and personal user of JayBirds, I know it's important to have a secure fit in the ear. Also, with all the sweat, water splashes, and occasional light and heavy rain, it's important for running headphones to be water resistant.

The company also has an app to customize the music and quality of the sound. You can do this by customizing your EQ settings, according to JayBird's website.

Many large companies sell JayBirds, including Best Buy and even Apple, which has its own line of colors. The company is about to release its first full wireless headphones named "RUN." The wireless headphones were designed to be lightweight and hassle-free without wires.

JayBird headphones are available in some amazing colors, including "Blackout," "Sparta," "Alpha," "Roadrash," "Carbon," "Blaze," "Ocean," "Platinum." Apple's own line of colors include "Blush" and "Space." Also, for the X3 set there's an "Army Camo."