• Michelle Hebert

Vegan meatballs: a healthier option

Meatballs are a food dish that many people are familiar with, but many people do not hear about vegan meatballs, which can be a healthier alternative. A simple Google search about beef and its harmful effects could make you more interested in this alternative.

If you have ever wanted to have a taste of a meatball alternative that can taste just as good or better than actual beef meatballs, I recommend a simple and vegan recipe I discovered. To make the vegan meatballs, you will need only five ingredients: black beans, lentils, and rice (all cooked), as well as tomato sauce and soy sauce.

The recipe does not require exact amounts for any of the ingredients. Personally, when I made the meatballs I used equal amounts of the beans, a small amount of rice (about one-fourth of a cooked cup), and a can of tomato sauce. I then added the soy sauce a little at a time until the flavor was just right.

First, you will need to put the black beans, lentils, and rice into a food processer or mash them all together. Next, add the mixture into a mixing bowl, and add the tomato and soy sauce. The recipe stops after those ingredients, but, personally, I added Italian seasonings, pepper, salt, and parsley.

Finally, you make the mixture into little balls and put them in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and let them cook for an hour. When the 30 minute mark hits, you should flip the vegan meatballs over. After the long one-hour wait, you can take them out and enjoy!

In my opinion, the meatballs tasted delicious, and if you were to look at them from a health perspective, they are even better. Beef can do many harmful things to your body. For example, eating beef can increase your chance of getting type two diabetes, according to HealthLine. The high amounts of iron can also put your brain and colon at risk, and the high amounts of trans fat can be harmful to your cholesterol. Beans are a part of the vegetable family, which could be a big enough reason to try vegan meatballs.