• Cierra Bynum

Le'Veon Bell rejects contract, returns to Steelers on one-year deal

If you're a Steelers fan, you might have been disappointed when Le'Veon Bell turned his contract offer down before the season began.

The contract that the Steelers offered Bell averaged over $12 million, with $30 million in the first two years and $42 million over three, according to Tom Pelissero's Twitter.

"I feel like it was a good number. It just wasn't my number. I feel like there's more to football than fun. Don't get me wrong: I want to have fun. I enjoy it. I love it. At the same time, I want the value that I feel I should be valued at. Somewhere close. We didn't meet where I expected, so it didn't work out," Bell told CNN.

Bell ended up sitting out of training camp and preseason before reluctantly signing a $12.1 million franchise tender after he didn't get the right price with the contract with Steelers. Bell is still the top paid back in the league, but his annual salary ranks at number 54 among all players.

Bell still wants to spark a revolution but just for the right price. Last year, Bell said he was the Steph Curry of the National Football League. In 2016, he had 1,884 total yards and nine touchdowns in 12 games. So far in 2017, Bell has 324 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns, as well as 98 receiving yards.

"I know that things that I can do, versus other backs, and versus other players. When you're playing the game of football, there are certain things you can coach and certain things you can't really coach. You just have to know it. There's a lot of tools that I have that weren't coached- I just know it. That's what separates me... I'm different because there are things that I can do that can't be coached," Bell told CNN.