• Michelle Hebert

Hurricane Harvey victims poke fun with comical Halloween decorations

Hurricane Harvey victims Brian and Tessie Baily decorated for Halloween in a comical way to help bring humor to the living conditions of victims in Texas.

The Halloween decorations display a campsite with three skeletons and a tent. Two of the skeletons are sitting in lawn chairs looking at a fire that is in the middle of the campsite, and the other skeleton is sitting in a tent and also appears to be looking at the fire. A sign is displayed on the campsite that says “waiting on FEMA,” an acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency which oversees national relief efforts.

The Bailys told local news stations the reasons why the sign says “waiting on FEMA.” One reason is because a call was made to FEMA about the two feet of water still in their neighborhood; the Bailys were told that they would receive a call in ten days about the water, but they never received a call.

Another reason for the sign isn’t directly related to the Bailys, but it affects their neighbors. The Bailys have flood insurance, so they did not have to rely on FEMA. Meanwhile, their neighbors, who do not have flood insurance, are having to rely on FEMA, and it is not working out so well. Some neighbors wait on FEMA adjusters, while some neighbors have adjusters come and spend hours inspecting the property. The people are then told that they are not eligible for any assistance.

The families whose houses are still not livable work during the days to fix their houses. The Bailys’ ultimate goal is to help lift the spirit of their neighborhood.