• Monty Alexander

Video Game Overview: 'Fortnite Battle Royale'

"Fortnite Battle Royale" is a new free-to-play game to the battle royale genre in gaming developed by Epic Games. This game has caused an uproar from the developers of the more popular and well-known "Player Unknown's Battle Grounds" because it is another battle royale game gaining popularity. Both games use the same game engine: the Unreal Engine 4, created by Epic Games.

In the game you can go solo or team up with three other people to fight against 100 people on an island with a border that is constantly moving in on you and others. Gather weapons and supplies to prepare yourself to fight to the death against many other players and try to become victorious.

The developers plan on adding a lot of new features in the future. These features are new maps, cosmetic items, and other ideas that are in the works. Developers will add in micro-transactions to the game, but that will only give players the ability to customize their characters; it will not give them an advantage over anyone else in the game.

The battle royale isn't the only game mode in Fortnite. They plan on adding a player-versus-environment campaign that is currently being worked on and is only available to players who have bought the founders pack.

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